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So... there isn't a video this week because I wanted to really pour some feeling into this one through writing. Nonetheless, I wanted to stay committed to creating content from the perhaps this will be more about reflection of BLCK SPCES + what its done for me and means to me.

On the outside looking in BLCK SPCES is a blog about urban planning, Black culture, and connecting the two - on the inside, to me, it's a creative outlet to speak freely, confidently, and boastfully (at times), but more to be a voice and I guess a "somebody" in this profession. Not sure what defines you as a "somebody" but since quarantine started I've felt more confident in who I am, what I'm doing, and the urban planner + person I'm becoming. BLCK SPCES gave me a leg to stand on when I was looking for a way to be true to myself while growing in urban planning - it gave me confidence to openly speak from the Black narrative - it gave me the validation to follow your passions no matter what - it gave me life when nothing else was at the time. It inspired me to take myself serious beyond just a career; it ignited my drive to be better and do better. The level of confidence my writing has grown tremendously since the blog started, which has helped me put myself out there more in the planning + development world, all while encouraging me to go 100x harder to make a way for this narrative - by any means necessary.

Openly, boldly, and professionally chartering the Black urban planner narrative in a WHITE male, elitist-dominated profession is far from easy. Our profession has been written, implemented, and educated from the high-class perspective, which you and I know, is hardly ever the full truth. BLCK SPCES serves as a creative outlet while fostering the foundation for a narrative I believe so strongly in. I guess the gist of it all is that I've genuinely felt better as a person from day one of this blog, which has helped be a planner who actually gives a damn about people + communities. Whether 10 or 100 subscribers/followers I won't limit my content because every single post on BLCK SPCES comes from the heart - I love it because it gave me a way to carve out this path for me when I couldn't find my way for shit. I'm forever indebted to BLCK SPCES.

Inspiration stems from a ton of places, people, things, and so on - that's kind of the beauty of being inspired, I think. BLCK SPCES is my little brainchild for sure, yet its teaching me more than I ever thought possible - it's so much more than a blog. It's a space for me to exist in as Black as I want to be, and that's rare as ever these days for us. It's more than a boost to my self confidence, it's a coping mechanism to my anxiety, it's a portfolio of my passions, it's a test of value + worth, but most importantly, it's the reason I choose to go hard as hell for Black voices, Black communities, and Black representation in urban planning. Never forget - REPRESENTATION MATTERS!! No matter what they say..

From part-time hobby to an idea to reality - BLCK SPCES never ceases to amaze me with the paths and opportunities it's created for me. Soon, it'll be a household name in urban planning and beyond. Thank you for giving me a voice and a ton of self confidence!! Find your passion, lock in with it, get in the trenches, and grind hard as hell to make a way for what inspires you - period.

Thank you BLCK SPCES!! Let's keep growing, glowing, showcasing #BlackExcellence and pushing the narrative change! To infinity and beyond... Buzz Lightyear really legendary forever for saying this lol.

"You've got to have faith in what you're doing and not take no for an answer." ~Nipsey Hussle

yours truly...

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