You're not lost - this is the same food park you know just with a different name! The Sunny South Dallas Food Park at Fair Park (SSDFP), formerly known as the MLK Food Park, is the revamped and rejuvenated concept of the original food park. The SSDFP is an indoor AND outdoor space that invites a variety of businesses particularly those that are Black owned and/or based in South Dallas. We operate differently than other 

Now taking place inside of Fair Park's campus, in partnership with Fair Park First, the SSDFP at Fair Park is geared towards finding a permanent home to curate this space on a regular basis with open accessibility to the South Dallas community! With that in mind we are setting our sights on incorporating a business incubator with wellness elements, programming for teens/young adults, Black (and other minority) owned businesses, access to the entire Fair Park campus, and a greater sense of a safe community space for South Dallas' Black  residents.

The history of Fair Park is one embedded in racist policies, motives, and hatred that's been told from various perspectives. It's no secret (or shouldn't be) what the city of Dallas did to Black residents of South Dallas to make way for the present-day Fair Park. Hundreds of Black families were displaced from their homes to make a way for this massive park space that unbeknownst to them they would never truly have access to. It's hateful past, it's a past that hasn't been fully recognized nor acknowledged, it hasn't been a priority to truly connect this community to Fair Park. Our intention is not to offer any mediation on Fair Park's behalf because they were and still ARE very much responsible for the destruction of Black South Dallas - economically, financially, emotionally, and the possibility of generational wealth. 

We are NOT deferring the obvious hate - we are set to make Fair Park accessible to the Black folks they forced out back then and continue to do so in 2022. The food park is WAY more than bringing a bunch of food trucks and vendors out for a singular event that brings a lot of attention then leaves. The damage has been done and continues to perpetuate a sense of gentrification to this community that's a hub of Black excellence and history in South Dallas. We know it's an uphill battle to gain trust from this community, to truly understand what they endured during the time of being displaced, and the wounds of having no true apology from the city or those who caused this destruction. But we're dedicated to building trust through this space that respects the past to build the community South Dallas' Black residents truly deserve.

There's a lot to tackle in the fight for restorative justice and righting the wrongs of the past in South Dallas. There are some elements taking place that the community and anyone else looking to be part of this community as a developer, partner or anything in between you should be in tune. Below are links to those efforts and plans taking place in South Dallas.

We hope to have you become a part of this space and the SSDFP family!


Vendors for the Sunny South Dallas Food Park will be selected and picked based on connection to the park. They are not selected on a first come, first serve basis, each vendors is selected based on location/based in South Dallas, connection with the food park, business professionalism/responsiveness, and intention within space. Vendors that are BLACK-OWNED and/or MINORITY-OWNED will be prioritized!

*Vendors of all races will be reviewed and selected based on above elements but those that are BLACK-OWNED will be the primary focus.*


Interested vendors can apply using the link below. We'll reach out to you shortly after reviewing submitted forms and let you know if you have been selected along with instructions on how to pay the applicable vendor fee. See 'VENDOR SELECTION PROCESS' below for more details.



Once selected vendor fees must be paid within 72 HOURS (3 DAYS) along with submission of logo and signed waiver. If not, their spot will be given to another vendor. If a selected vendor is unable to attend notice must be given ASAP! Vendor fees are NON-REFUNDABLE!


All vendors will have to submit a new application for EACH food park date and will go through the same selection process. Vendors will have the opportunity to select multiple food park dates within the application. Those vendors selected AND confirmed for multiple dates may be eligible to pay a "season" pass fee for the food park.

NON-FOOD VENDORS (retail and/or cottage food) - $50

FOOD VENDORS (food truck, food trailer, and/or or tent set up accepted)

  • food vendor with a CURRENT annual permit with the city of Dallas - $60

  • food vendor without current annual permit - $150 (a temporary food permit will be required along with submitting additional documents)

*Dates may change or be added due to weather, unforeseen circumstances or other issues. DRBTS will coordinate make up dates if possible.*


We're happy that you're here and wanting to be a part of the amazing communal space that is the SUNNY SOUTH DALLAS FOOD PARK! With our new name, new location and new connection to Fair Park we're doing more to add resources and a safe space to the South Dallas community! We're on the road to PERMANENCY of the food park and we need all the help we can get in making this a reality.

The Sunny South Dallas Food Park is an extension of an urban planning model for community placemaking of spaces and places particularly in communities of color. It's a for-profit space that encourages generational wealth through Black empowerment, entrepreneurship, collective economics, resources, and incubation for the sustainability of Black owned business development. Our model is a mixture of urban planning, tactical urbanism design, third place ideals, and the incubator space inspired by the late great Nipsey Hussle's project in LA.

If you'd like to contribute to the growth of this space or just genuinely support the establishment of a safe space in South Dallas for Black folks/Black business - you can do so using the link below! Even a share on social media or coming out to the food park in person is helpful to this space! Any amount goes a long way!

Thank you so much for your support of the SSDFP!






In the true fashion of community we want to encourage a space of collective economics in South Dallas! Our goal is to grow, empower, connect, and coordinate more Black owned businesses and other minority owned businesses in a space that encourages them to GROW! This is also in efforts to fund Black owned businesses, find capital resources, and carve a permanent space for their businesses to THRIVE!

We look forward to bringing sponsors into the family that is the food park that allows mutual benefit for businesses and organizations to understand what we do/who we are while also bridging a relationship that fosters trust and intention with the community of South Dallas! We look forward to building a relationship with you/your business!


The SSDFP sponsor pack is a one of one. With one option we hope to encourage long-term relationships at a reasonable rate with access to the community and the audience that continues to grow at the food park!

Potential Sponsors will include the following:

⚫️ Business/organization logo on Sunny  South Dallas Food Park (SSDFP) website

⚫️ Business website added to DRBTS (Do Right By The Streets) Linktree landing page; to be listed under ‘Sponsors’

⚫️ Logo on event flier (print and digital) to be posted on SSDFP social media

⚫️ Vendor table during the food park

⚫️ Personalized sponsor post on official SSDFP social media

⚫️ 30-60 sec. highlight video recorded during food park 

⚫️ DJ mention during food park 

⚫️ Complimentary meal during the food park from any food vendor on-site


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