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Curating a new conversation around urban planning, community engagement, and everything in between.

At DRBTS we navigate the public speaking arena a little differently when it comes to urban planning, urban design, and the impact on communities of color. We do certainly talk about those topics but we also engage the synergy between culture, character, and the like of communities of color that ties into urban planning on the back end. We keep it casual, interactive, transparent, and genuine as possible when it comes to these conversations. 

DRBTS has been involved in a variety of speaking engagements, panels, lectures and the like. Here are some of the people we've worked with.

University of Missouri State Geography + Urban Planning Department, CityLab High School (Dallas, TX), 2021 CityLab HS Summit Panel, Rutgers University, University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), APA California Central Section, APAS Colorado, National Conference of Regions and more!

Interested in having Dee/DRBTS be a part of your next event as a speaker or facilitator? Click the button below to inquire!


*Please be aware we're open to all discussions but we only take on invites that align with who we are, what we believe in, and who we do it for. Public speaking rates will vary on location, travel, audience size and other elements as associated with event.*

Walking the Equity Walk Seminar at Missouri State!

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