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Zoning Consultation

DRBTS works hard to ensure that clients are well-equipped and knowledgeable of city requirements when preparing to open their business, purchase property and/or land, and/or develop property. Whether it's information about the zoning and restrictions on a property or a walk-thru of how to get started developing or opening a business on a property - we got you! We provide these services for communities, organizations, and/or individuals.

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$150/per consultation

Vendor Curation

Looking for help or assistance with a special event you're creating? Whether that's finding food/non-food vendors or curating the space as part of another (or larger event) or helping navigate and coordinate permits needed - we got you! This service can include vendor outreach, permit coordination and assistance, space design, on-site set up/management, and vendor coordination and management. Let us know what you type of curation you need and we can help! This is geared for smaller, annual or one-off events that may only need a few vendors or minimal to small site design.


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Rate starts at $600; price will vary based on services needed and scale of project/event



Creating viable, long-term, spaces + places for community gathering + activation

Place creation, or place keeping, is critical when reimagining how a space can be transformed for a community, and a service that DRBTS enjoys being apart of the most - especially in communities of color. At DRBTS, we focus on creating pop up market installations, temporary to permanent space activation designing, and other design projects that ignite community gathering and access to resources.

What exactly is activation?

At DRBTS we define activation as the inclusive and collaborative creation of spaces + places that add to the vibrance of a community. Activation in our book is done beyond "special events" but those that can have long-term beneficial impacts for a community.


We also focus on intentional and functional design of spaces + places in communities of color that are beneficial to their existing character and culture. 


Our goal is to foster long-term community activation, small business development/hubs, safe public spaces + places, and to change the way places are designed for communities of color.

Hourly rate for any place creation project is $95/per hour. This is the rate used when factoring in time to the base fee as billable time for the full scope of the project - research, design, coordination, travel (if needed), and other elements as needed and agreed upon for project.

Placemaking + Urban Design + Installation Services

Base project fee: $2,000

Consultant rate: $95/hr

Material cost, programming, permits, etc. will be discussed within full scope of work quote and consultation.

Can also be contract work with a pre-determined contract price and/or can be negotiated based on scope of project.


Services can include:

● Design of space for pop up market(s) and/or similar temporary to permanent installations

● Vendor management/coordination for markets and other space activation projects

● Interact and coordinate for City processes, necessary permits, regulations, etc.

● Urban design projects (small to medium scale)​

● Feasibility study for potential space activation projects

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