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DRBTS believes great design should be accessible to everyone. In addition, we believe in simplifying the permitting process for new and established businesses.

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Providing access and understanding of zoning and land use information as it relates to businesses.

DRBTS works hard to ensure that clients are well-equipped and knowledgeable of city requirements when preparing to open their business, purchase property and/or land, and/or develop property. At DRBTS, it's our goal to simplify and breakdown the process of zoning along with what it means for you and your future development project. We provide these services for communities, organizations, and/or individuals.

Zoning Consultation - $150/per consultation.


Complete a request form using the button below.

Client will complete the zoning and land use request form in FULL using the link. Upon completing the form client will receive confirmation from consultant. 

If the request is accepted a 15-minute call will be scheduled to briefly discuss purpose/result of the request, confirm business use and briefly answer client questions.

The request fee is $150 and must be paid IN FULL before the 15-minute consult is conducted. Payment will be invoiced to client following the acceptance of the request. Upon completion of the meeting the request is formally accepted by DRBTS, LLC.

*We, DRBTS, LLC, do reserve the right to turn away requests if a conflict of interest exists to the consultant, an unethical element is present to the consultant or any other conflict the consultant may recognize.*

Turnaround time

14 business days from payment and completed consultation request. Information is compiled and sent as a pdf document to client once completed.

Zoning + Land Use Package includes:

● Verification of zoning of client's choice of property/properties or business location

● Zoning information and research from local municipality

● Land use chart information + explanation

And any additional relevant information will be provide as needed.

*The information provided does not guarantee zoning or rezoning for proposed business use. The information provided is for INFORMATIONAL ONLY and for the purpose of aiding clients in properly opening their business.*