Services We Offer

DRBTS believes great design should be accessible to everyone. In addition, we believe in simplifying the permitting process for new and established businesses.

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Zoning Consultation Services

Providing access and understanding of zoning information 

DRBTS works hard to ensure that clients are well-equipped and knowledgeable of city requirements when preparing to open their business, purchase property and/or land, and/or develop property. At DRBTS, it's our goal to simplify and breakdown the process of zoning along with what it means for you and your future development project We also provide these services for communities, organizations, or individuals.

Zoning Consultation - $100/per consultation.


Email DRBTS for initial consultation.

Zoning  + Land Use Request Form

Client provides list of property or properties of interest - this also includes specific cities (max. FIVE  properties or cities per consultation)

*FULL ADDRESSES (street number, street name, city, state, zip code)

of each interested location/property is REQUIRED!*

Turnaround time

14 business days from payment and completed consultation form.

Service includes:

● Verification of zoning of client's choice of property/properties or business location

● Zoning information and research from local municipality

● Land use chart information + explanation

And any additional relevant information.

Information is compiled and sent as a pdf document once completed.

Place Creation Design

Creating viable, long-term, spaces + places for community gathering + activation

Place creation, or placemaking, is critical when reimagining how a space can be transformed for a community, and a service that DRBTS enjoys being apart of the most - especially in communities of color. At DRBTS, we focus on creating pop up market installations, temporary to permanent space activation designing, and other design projects that ignite community gathering and access to resources.

What exactly is activation?

At DRBTS we define activation as the inclusive and collaborative creation of spaces + places that add to the vibrance of a community. Activation in our book is done beyond "special events" but those that can have long-term beneficial impacts for a community.

We also focus on intentional and functional design of spaces + places in communities of color that are beneficial to their existing character and culture. 

Our goal is to foster long-term community activation, small business development/hubs, safe public spaces + places, and to change the way places are designed for communities of color.

Placemaking + Urban Design + Installation Services - starting at $500/per project based on project scope. For activation space projects base fee is $2,000 - materials, programming, and more can be discussed within full scope of work quote.

Can also be contract work with a pre-determined contract price and/or can be negotiated based on scope of project.

Services can include:

● Design of space for pop up market and/or similar temp. to permanent installations

● Vendor management for markets

● Collaboration for entrepreneur-related pop ups and/or vendor coordination

● Urban design projects (small to medium scale)

*Email for more information and detailed consultation if interested in this service*

Certificate of Occupancy + Permitting Services

Guiding you and your business through the process of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

DRBTS aims to assist you in understanding zoning and the process of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for your business and the processes in between. At DRBTS, we thrive on simplicity so we want to ensure we can simplify the process of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy for renting/leasing commercial business spaces as best as possible. No planning lingo or confusing terms - just 100% access to needed information to get your business started on the right (legal) foot.

Certificate of Occupancy (CO) + Permitting Consultation - $100/per consultation.


Contact us via for initial consultation - consultation form will be emailed to client.

Client provides list property or properties of interest (max. FIVE  properties per consultation)

*FULL ADDRESSES (street number, street name, city, state, zip code, and suite number, if applicable)

of each interested location/property/lease space is REQUIRED!*

Turnaround time

14 business days from payment and completed consultation form.

Service includes

● Verification of use and zoning based on business

● Obtaining necessary documents, requirements, and fees for CO

● List of city departments for additional questions/concerns

● List of required permits and/or inspections based on business use 

Information is compiled and sent as a pdf document once completed.

*This service is information based and DOES NOT guarantee an approval of a CO application! It only prepares clients for CO application process!*

Public Speaking + Appearances

Engaging the conversation around urban planning, urban design, and everything in between.

At DRBTS we navigate the public speaking arena a little differently when it comes to urban planning, urban design, and the impact on communities of color. We do certainly talk about those topics but we also engage the synergy between culture, character, and the like of communities of color that ties into urban planning on the back end. We keep it casual, interactive, transparent, and genuine as possible when it comes to these conversations. 

Interested in having DRBTS talk at your university, school, lecture/class or conference? Let us know!

Please be aware we're open to all discussions but we only take on invites that align with who we are, what we believe in, and who we do it for.