If you don't know it's the 1st of the BEST month for highlighting and shining light on everything #BlackExcellence! Don't get it twisted - Blackness is a dominant force ALL YEAR LONG but for the month of February we really running it up! Fuck yo President's Day and every other made up White holiday - disrespectfully. As a kid, I grew up going to a private school that was majority Black so we learned about Black folks all the time but we really went all out for Black History M

Consistent VIBEZ!

As you can tell from the title lol I made a promise and commitment to myself to be more consistent next year. So I decided to start early on that goal and start owning up to it.. no more excuses for lack of content or lack of meaningful posting. I definitely want to post relevant, helpful, and meaningful stuff but also want to keep some kind of rhythm that allows people to connect in a way that feels organic. If you haven't noticed I'm BIG on things transpiring as organic as

I'm featured in Next City?

It's still wild to me that I actually created an e-book, finished it, and self-published it?!?!? Lmao

29th $ZN..

Wild to think this is the last year of my 20s... seems like yesterday I was turning 25 and feeling slightly lost at what was next for me in my life. Possibly having a mid-life crisis lol but really just a little stuck as to who I was trying to become and what I actually wanted to do. Now at 29, I feel like I've truly found myself - all of me. I say truly instead of finally because for awhile, well most of my adult life, I felt like I was running a rat race to "finally" be on

APA + Black Voices - I'm Published?

Critical of my profession but also knowledgeable enough to know when it's time to speak up and make sure WE'RE seen...

Finding My Way..

I realize I've been humble a bit too long and recognize it's time to show some bravado in what I do to show what all I'm capable of..

Black Voices In Planning

Hear us now.. Black planner voices' will be HEARD. Black FIRST AND FOREMOST; urban planner second.

To Be Black..

You have NO IDEA what it's like to simply exist as a Black person in 2020... it's exhausting, frustrating, heartbreaking, and then some.


This week's inspo series is about my best friend and her impact on my growth + drive in urban planning!