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Consistent VIBEZ!

As you can tell from the title lol I made a promise and commitment to myself to be more consistent next year. So I decided to start early on that goal and start owning up to it.. no more excuses for lack of content or lack of meaningful posting. I definitely want to post relevant, helpful, and meaningful stuff but also want to keep some kind of rhythm that allows people to connect in a way that feels organic. If you haven't noticed I'm BIG on things transpiring as organic as possible so I do my best to convey that in everything I create/post for all my socials. I never ever thought I'd get to a place of making a schedule to create content we are lol. That's mostly for my chaotic life and lack of doing a decent job at the work/life balance.... if anyone out there has tips/suggestions on the sweet spot for stepping away from work PLEASE SHARE WITH ME! The kid trying to relax and take some sort of "vacation" in a few weeks so please let me know what y'all do lol.

Anyways, my biggest goal for next year is to balance work/life but also maximize the time spent on work a lot better and with more efficiency ya know? Big on the working smarter not harder mentality and doing that allows me to focus more attention on bigger projects/tasks I'm taking on. That also forces me to say 'no' to some things as my plate fills up rather quickly lol. I'm busy but I'm grateful to be in this position to be even busier and more solid foundation for the next phase of blckspces - the urban planning + design consulting firm.

All in all, being more diligent about how I spent my time and how I take care of myself. Physical health and mental health are big on my list for next year too. I've been slacking on taking care of my body the way I know I should. Especially knowing I want to be able to hoop for like ever in the event someone asks me to hoop in a celebrity game or I get the change to play pro overseas lol - just preparing for either scenario. But on a serious note, applying that level of consistency to the way I take care of my body and what effort I put into staying as healthy as possible.

Mental health pretty much goes hand in hand with the concept of taking care of myself and knowing when I need a break.. constantly pushing for content or to create takes a toll on me mentally sometimes but I haven't been good about stepping back and refreshing. But, weaning away from that as it creates this unrealistic idea of stuff to get done that turns from passion to trudge work which is never what I want out of this work. Mental health is something I (like most people my age) have been forced to be on top and take hella serious. I've been slacking on finding a therapist but I'm honestly really nervous about it as much as I say I'm looking forward to it. This is like the key to confronting A LOT of my demons, hurt, and just overall internal's a type of healing I'm still becoming 100% comfortable with. I know that'll come time but still a process I really am looking forward to.

Both lanes are a journey of learning, growing, evolving, and healing honestly. I'm nervous as hell to be THAT vulnerable but also know it's necessary to do so in order to grow the way I've been praying about. Big faith over fear vibes ya know. This post been the most relaxed, organic one that's just come straight from the dome in a while - it feels good to write like this. Working towards a place that I can separate work from home and feel good turning off my phone (from work) for a couple of days or weeks until I'm ready to deal with humans again lol. Until then, I'm just trying to stay mentally balanced and not overload myself with shit.

Here's to being consistent as our bodies will allow and letting our creativity bring big bank! And to taking care of home first, our mental state, before trying to add more on our plate to neglect from resting. Big $ELF CARE vibes all 2021!!

yours truly..


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