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2nd Merch Drop! + updates on blckspces

Yo! It's been a minute since I've tapped in with the blog and honestly I've been on GO for the last three months. Seemingly getting settled down and back on track so here we are! While I've been working a chaotic swirl I just wrapped on my biggest and most fulfilling project to date (separate post coming soon!), hit some snags on the professional side, decided to take blckscpes to the next level, and started to lay out what's next for me in the sense of growth. Personal and professional.

But I'll get into that on a separate blog post because I want to be 100% transparent and unpack all of that! I'm hella grateful for the surge of support/love of blckspces (and me) and the opportunity to be in the circles I'm in these days. Long story short, after all that madness of meetings, the food park, personal life, and so on it dawned on me how much I truly want out of blckspces. My friend Collin said it best, "you created an ENTERPRISE" and honestly I hadn't ever viewed blckspces as such right? But seriously, it was (still is) a passion project that came to life in a big way so it just feels organic how it's growing. With that said, I want this enterprise to feel like a firm, a brand, a safe space, and just a fire collection of things that don't currently exist in many urban planning/design firms. This is my legacy and I want it to outlive me plus impact people beyond the scope of urban planning/design. So... I FINALLY brought my lil' tagline "Do Right By The Streets" to life and turned into merch for blckspces! I think y'all gonna love it!

Because I'm a perfectionist and a bit of a lunatic about gear I'm so damn happy to be dropping the Do Right By The Streets (DRBTS) tee! Mad love to Jazmin Moreno ( - go check her work out!) for working with me to create this AMAZING design that embodies everything DRBTS is and means to me. I mean when I say she really did her shit, yo....she did her SHIT! She went above and beyond to create the perfect design for me and it was more than what I could've ever imagined. SUPPORT CREATIVES OF COLOR!!!

The DRBTS tee drops next Friday - 05.14.21, yeah same day as my boy J. Cole drops! It's coming out in two colors - white and gold! Limited quantities so don't sleep! Definitely want these to special to y'all because they're hella special to me.

Available online at at midnight next Friday! I'll be posting it on my IG and Twitter too so stay tuned!

Quick blckspces update: MLK Food Park just wrapped up, another BPC call is next week (Wednesday, May 12th - register TODAY!), contemplating more consulting work, and expanding the network/reach of the work I do. More coming soon..

I have so much to share with y'all! More posts coming soon :)

yours truly..


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