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My First Merch Drop!

So, I'm a day late after the "official" drop but yesterday I dropped my FIRST merch for blckspces!!! I know that seems pretty corny and small but man...I never thought I'd drop any merch, I just wanted to have some stuff to wear for myself lol. Now look at us! The blckspces hoodie is LIVE on the site ( and thanks to everyone for supporting the push of this drop because I was hella hesitant about doing so. Either way, I'm very pleased with my decision to do so and with the success of the hoodies so far.

If you follow me on Twitter or IG then you might've saw I posted I manifested getting some type of shoe collab that connected urban planning + design to streetwear fashion. The drop of the hoodies is the first (small) step in getting there so it means that much more to me! I know people drop clothes and create brands every day BUT this one just hits different for me because it's solely tied to a profession that's just now really getting on the map. Even if you didn't/don't know what urban planning is I hope you've learned a little something in the existence of this space. And more than anything, I hope you've taken the tagline "do right by the streets" to heart as a means to say community love, development, and organizing doesn't take a degree. It just takes love, true intentions, and INTENTION.

Cop yours TODAY (or whenever you can)! The FIRST official merch drop for blckspces! Appreciate the continuous love, support, and empowerment of what this space has transpired into! I'd do anything to make sure this space keeps growing and that other Black/POC urban planners are inspired to keep doing the work because it's needed. I go so hard for y'all to keep thriving and striving man I swear.

On the road to being 100% I N D E P E N D E N T in urban planning + design - by all means necessary. That's on Nayborhood Nip! I love these streets more than I love myself and I'm proud as hell to say I learned from Nipsey fr.

"You gotta make a change. You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us, to do what we gotta do to survive." ~Tupac Shakur

yours truly..

dp 🖤

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