My First Merch Drop!

So, I'm a day late after the "official" drop but yesterday I dropped my FIRST merch for blckspces!!! I know that seems pretty corny and small but man...I never thought I'd drop any merch, I just wanted to have some stuff to wear for myself lol. Now look at us! The blckspces hoodie is LIVE on the site ( and thanks to everyone for supporting the push of this drop because I was hella hesitant about doing so. Either way, I'm very pleased with my decision to do so an

Why I quit Landscape Architecture + the MLA program...

So.. I've fought with figuring out the best way to frame this and talk about why I quit the master of Landscape Architecture program. A lot of that came from deciding how to use a tone people could relate to and the rest came from being as transparent as possible in my decision. At times I felt like I was letting myself down, letting other (future) Black landscape architects/development/design professionals down, and letting down this space for not sticking it out in a field


You more than likely didn't really read the home page text, which is cool - it's for show mostly. So, that means you probably didn't catch the lil' blurb about what BLCK SPCES is.. no worries, let's go through it real quick. This intro is gon' drop a lot at once, so just take it all in.. Run it back Turbo.. BLCK SPCES is a judgement-free, disrespect-free, and ignorance=free space that highlights a variety of topics, urban issues, social justice issues, and just Black daily li

FUBU; paying homage to the realest acronym in Black culture

As you may have read or skimmed from the first blog post and/or the home page then you know BLCK SPCES is pretty dedicated to showcasing #BlackExcellene in every sense - it's only right in my mind. With that, the brand FUBU and #blackjoy are the focal points of this post because even having the right to exist in public spaces, the narrative is not always "For Us, By Us". That being said, FUBU (and its infamous tagline "For Us, By Us") is one of the most elite acronyms that sh