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Crazy how I just scribbled down a few ideas for how to connect with more Black urban planners and quickly posted it on my IG then it turned into a "thing" lol. The first Black Urban Planners' Discussion was AMAZING! Better than I could've ever imagined so we're back at it for a second go round - WEDNESDAY, JULY 22 @ 6P CST! This time should be just as good, if not better, than the last time! We're talking about creating a space that truly highlights, caters, and focuses on the success of Black planners and more!

Don't miss it! Also, the first call is uploaded on YouTube under "BLCK SPCES" along with a couple of other videos I've posted on the blog and my IGTV. The second call will also be recorded and uploaded on YouTube if you can't catch it! Feel free to share with every Black planner, designer, architect, realtor, etc. that you know! We're truly striving to make some heavy changes to the narrative of planning to include US. And non-Black/BIPOC planners or non-planners are also welcome to join - just come correct and RESPECT THE SPACE!

See you Wednesday at 6p! :)

yours truly...

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