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The title is pretty much the point of this post lol. I'm curating a space that's geared to amplify Black urban planners, Black architects, Black engineers, and any other Black professionals in the development realm - it's OUR turn to talk and put some fire behind what we want to do better in our practices. We've all seen an abundance of resources being shared for others to educate themselves on what Black people, especially, Black urban planners have experienced literally their whole life. I'm not an expert nor do i have all the answers to solve the systemic (and blatant) racism in urban planning but I do know my experiences as a Black woman in urban planning alone are valuable enough to talk about the ways Black communities are impacted by racist planning policies.

Below is the Zoom info to be apart of the call next week. Be clear - this call is focused solely on the voices, experiences, and collaborative ideas of BLACK URBAN PLANNERS, if you're non-Black and planning to attend please check yourself before you tap in. I want the narrative to be Black AF because in all that's been said and shared about urban planning I don't feel there's been enough LISTENING to Black urban planner voices - from a personal and professional standpoint. Most of our personal experiences and/or trauma with white people in real life and this profession has been a direct correlation into our work as urban planners. I could bet about 85% of Black urban planners got into this because we didn't see anyone else like us giving a damn about our communities - so it's a no brainer that those feelings, experiences, and the like impact the way we think of planning. This one is really FOR US & BY US. ✊🏾

Hope to see you on the call - it's gonna be a good one! Black first and foremost, urban planner second.

"Define who you are and die about it!" ~Nipsey Hussle

yours truly...

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