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Welcome back to the INSPO SERIES! Series (episode) #2 connects the parallels of inspiration from my FAVORITE rapper/artists - J. Cole! I talk about how him and his music inspired me to not only go harder in the field but to really flex the noiton of the "humble grind". Inspiration highlight of this week: HUMBLE FLEX!

Basically, grindin' beyond the "hits" or what I thought would be "hits" of my career but it didn't quite pan out that way, it actually ended up being major rejection and discouragement lol. Nonetheless, his growth throughout his music career and development as an artist to remain humble while making sure people know his presence is by far the biggest INSPIRATION I've translated into my urban planning career.


(you can also catch it on IGTV here ➡️@thedee_p)

Source:, Brad Callas (Medium)

Source:, Photo credit: Getty Images / Ollie Millington

I hope you guys enjoy this weeks video!! Thank you again for the support and motivation to continue creating these - I really enjoy it and even more being able to share it with y'all. Tell a friend in the urban planning + related development fields about BLCK SPCES!

yours truly...

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