First PAID Public Speaking Invite! 😳

So, this post has been on top of my procrastination list for about 3 weeks, almost a month, which means I have to stop being lazy lol. Like journaling, this is my safe space, so I'm focused on making it less like "work" or "creating content" but more like free writing. All the homies that journal regularly know what i mean lol. Anyways, I had the opportunity to give my first public speaking seminar last month! i won't cap at all I was nervous as hell and had to idea what to e


This week's inspo series is about my best friend and her impact on my growth + drive in urban planning!


You more than likely didn't really read the home page text, which is cool - it's for show mostly. So, that means you probably didn't catch the lil' blurb about what BLCK SPCES is.. no worries, let's go through it real quick. This intro is gon' drop a lot at once, so just take it all in.. Run it back Turbo.. BLCK SPCES is a judgement-free, disrespect-free, and ignorance=free space that highlights a variety of topics, urban issues, social justice issues, and just Black daily li