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The Inspo Series - Coming Soon! 👀

So... while scrolling through Tumblr recently I was having all types of nostalgia from some of the things I used to "repost" lol. Tumblr was like the underground cool social media platform in like 2011-2012 that no one really used but it had all the fire content lol. Anywho, I got into my Tumblr then stumbled into a whirlwind of inspiration, flashbacks, and just a vibe looking at some of the art, gear, and cars I used to fantasize about. In turn, I decided to create content about my "inspos" or inspirations that played a role in how I got here, my mentality/mindset, and just like what inspired my steeze/style lol. Each series is intended to be about someone or something I feel like is a big source of inspiration for me, in my personal life and career. My aim is to keep them decently short but we'll see how it goes lol - mainly to just create content paying homage to some of the people/things/moments/albums that truly changed my life and still keeps me inspired in current times.

The Inspo Series... I think it'll be cool but I'm obviously biased but yeah stay tuned for the first one :) Every Wednesday is my goal to post when new inspo series are posted on the blog so please keep me accountable for that (note to self) - excited to approach the concept of urban planning and the idea of inspiration a lil' differently in these series. Series 1 drops soon... make sure to subscribe to the blog or follow me on IG (@thedee_p) and Twitter (@BLCKSPCES) to know when new series are out!

yours truly...


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