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It's Monday, so as consistent as I've been trying to be lol, a new INSPO SERIES episode is out! As I create these inspo series I continue to actually be...inspired! Lol it's silly to type that but talking and expressing it through different people every week - it's a feeling I can't really explain right now; just know I love it.

Now, this week's episode is about my best friend, Zoe Clark, as far as one of the biggest inspirations in my urban planning career! Seems silly to pinpoint a best friend as part of this series, but I think it's super important to have genuine, true, and amazing friends/partners outside of the urban planning world. She is the yin to my yang lol, honestly, without Zoe there would be BLCK SPCES; so that alone tells you how phenomenal she is! Treasure and value your close friends that keep you going because the ups + downs of urban planning can be draining, heartbreaking, and just overall got damn frustrating.... having those people around and in your life is probably one of the biggest keys to being a successful urban planner IMO - without a clear mind to sort through some challenges presented by the workplace/profession and without the drive/push from those around it's TOUGH to be as impactful of an urban planner as you truly can be.

Hope you guys enjoy this week's episode! Zoe, whenever you see this, I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK + thank you for helping me become a better urban planner and a better person! :)

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