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I'm featured in Next City?

Oddly enough, people find me and my content interesting or something hence the title lol. Maybe I should be used to people being hella intentional about amplifying Black voices but I'm just not there...yet. Regardless, this was by far my favorite interview I've been asked to do this year, I was really 100 about my experiences in planning and how those experiences helped transform me, the e-book, and my passion to serve beyond this urban planning umbrella.

It's still wild to me that I actually created an e-book, finished it, and self-published it?!?!? AND people have bought it, read it, engaged with it, and I've been interviewed about it. Lol, crazy shit honestly. Lmao

I say that a lot because I create "content" as a coping mechanism for my anxiety, so when I finally work up the courage to post and publish something I'm amazed (literally) at the reactions to it. Thank y'all seriously. I'm fulfilled. I'm happy as hell. I'm grateful. And I'm doing everything they said wasn't possible.

Life is good. It is what it should be..

Anyways, huge thank you to Oscar from Next City for reaching out to me about the e-book and what inspired it along with the creation of BLCK SPCES as an urban design + zoning consultant! Like, I was reading Next City articles, particularly all of Oscar's articles lol, in graduate school and before I actually got into school because the stories were just interesting; I didn't even really care how related they were to planning at the time. Never thought I'd be a feature on this platform so this is MAJOR for me! I definitely feel like an independent artist out here fr lol.

Here's the link to the article; check it out when you get a chance!

If I can exist like this so can YOU. I'm starting to transform into the true meaning my purpose solely off pushing my passion and a lot of faith/manifestation; it's a damn good feeling. The greatest human act is to inspire and I've found myself constantly thinking of that as these opportunities come my way. The stuff I'm doing is truly for MOTIVATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! Hell, I'm motivating myself to go harder, get better, expand my reach/impact, and live limitless. If it's only one person that's getting something from this space, this blog, or me then I feel like all is right in my life.

Check out the article. Check out the e-book. Let me know what you think! Here's to more life, more blessings, and more intention in this work... inspired by everything Nipsey said/did. The Marathon Continues..

yours truly...


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