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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

By the all caps emphasis in the title you can probably tell I'm pretty damn excited to (finally) be dropping my very first e-book! You may remember (or not, it was a minute ago) awhile back I dropped a document called "Urban Planning + The Black Dollar" on the blog with a pdf download - which was cool I loved it and it was just free public info. Then I thought to really cultivate that idea and monetize it a bit since I really had a lot to say about the in's and outs of permitting, zoning, and the impacts on Black businesses.

So... here we are - Urban Planning + The Black Dollar 2.0! I'm really proud of the e-book besides that's my first e-book EVER, my second time really having something I 100% wrote in the internet world, and the content - the content is something I've fallen in love with in regards to furthering the advancement of Black businesses, the Black dollar, and opening the door to this knowledge sooo many Black business owners still don't understand, or do, or care about. I guess you could say I've added "zoning consultant" to my bag - I told y'a'll I wasn't playing. But anyways, the e-book will be available TODAY MONDAY, OCTOBER 26TH! I really hope there's something in there that's tangible and useful for someone to learn something new or even learn something to pass onto someone else. It was designed to be a learning tool and guide that you can always come back to if need be so I hope it meets that expectation.

In addition to the e-book dropping, it's also a segway into the "introduction" of BLCK SPCES, LLC - the business, the urban planning + design firm. After about 4-5 months of writing it down in every notebook I have, talking about it (to myself), and now just doing it I decided to use the e-book as the beginning of the services and work BLCK SPCES does (will be doing). One of those is zoning consultation - basically, I'm gonna be a consultant for anyone looking to rent a commercial space or buy property and need all the zoning information about that particular property or space. I've been sitting on this idea for a minute now but didn't feel like I had enough clout to call myself an "expert" or a real consultant but I realized I know my shit, so here we go. So, BLCK SPCES will provide zoning consultation, urban design project consultation, and pop up/market installation managing services - I designed a firm structure that fits me, my values, my skills, and my expertise; can't lie it feels good as hell!

That was a bit of a side track from the point of this post but was also a perfect opportunity to plug myself and drop a little bit of what's next for BLCK SPCES as a whole, ya know. Very excited and confident af about being able to share this with everyone in this space!

If you buy the e-book let me know what you think! I welcome the feedback and chance to grow my writing/design skills!

You can cop the e-book on the website - under 'Shop' - appreciate all the love + support of BLCK SPCES!


yours truly...

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