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Black Planner Collective Call!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

If you missed Monday's Black Planner Collective (BPC) call or you haven't been to one, seriously where you been? Lol it's cool though I'm putting together another one before the Thanksgiving holiday so we can chop it up before the holidays kick-off and we're (hopefully) taking time off to spend time with family.

So, next Tuesday, November 17th, at 6:30p CST (check the flyer below) - come through, hear from, and connect with some amazing BLACK planners, designers, those in academia and so on! I swear I put the right Zoom info on it this time lol - I triple checked. Also, want to engage more students and professionals that aren't Black but identify as POC to come be apart of this call too! Ultimately, this space was one purposefully curated for the unseen Black people in the urban planning profession but I also want to have this space transition as a safe space for those planners and/or other development professionals (engineers, architects, landscape architects, realtors, etc.) to exist as unapologetically as they'd like as POC.

That's inclusive of (but not limited to) Hispanic, Native American, Asian, and pretty much any other group that identifies as POC or BIPOC. I'm big on getting on and bringing the team on, well at least the ones that want to be brought on. Regardless I feel like this space can take the form of a safe space beyond that for just Black planners, although that's where most of my "expertise" lies lol. I'm in no way trying to disregard other groups or collectives organizing safe spaces for POC in this profession but I definitely want blckspces and BPC to be a place of community all the way around. Our struggles aren't the same but our repression in this country is one in the same.

Sooooo, be there NEXT TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH, at 6:30p CST! Share with Black and other POC urban planners and urban designers - also trying to bring out more Black people in the nonprofit sector that deal with community development, public health, food policy, economic development....allllll of it! So let 'em know!

yours truly...


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