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2020 been a year for the books for obvious reasons lol. It sounds crazy and maybe self-righteous but this was easily my BEST year; personally and professionally. I really transformed as a person, a professional, an urban planner/designer, and as a voice bigger than myself. I became someone that overcame most of my social anxiety (and regular anxiety) to create this space which has captured a vibe that's carried me through most of quarantine. For that, I'm forever grateful and appreciative of everything this space has allowed me, brought me, and opened up for me. Particularly in being able to record and post videos comfortably - if you know me then you know that was my biggest hurdle in all of this lol.

I made a video to sum up how the year went for me and blckspces and to really just express how grateful I am for every single person/relationship this space has helped create! Watch it below or on my IG - @thedee_p

Not to mention the numerous amounts of amazing Black planners I've shared virtual space with over the last 8 months. I'm honored to be in this fight with every Black planner doing this work with passion to change, impact, and inspire communities that look like US. If I don't anything else in this space I hope I changed the discourse of how urban planning/design concerns US and OUR communities. There's no more begging for us to have a seat at these tables - nah. 2021 and beyond, we're building our own shit, inviting our own to contribute, and saying fuck the narrative of what's good for Black/brown/other communities of color.

THANK YOU for supporting the "coming out" of blckspces. Every share, every like, every DM, every comment, every interaction, and then some has motivated me in ways I didn't realize were possible earlier this year. If 2020 taught me anything is that you really have to get out of your own head and JUST DO IT (I know that's corny as hell but, seriously). Some of us possess it, some of us don't - the mentality to go harder and WIN by any means is a blessing I've been downplaying for years, honestly. Now, here I am - feeling the most confident I've ever felt since I stopped hooping and the happiest (pure happiness) I've been in a long time. I was humble for so long people were visibly doubting me and convincing me to doubt myself. Nah. Y'all really unlocked a monster that's recognized their worth and then some. Add the tax lil' buddy bc WE HERE.

This space will always prioritize Black urban planner voices over everything else. Along with amplifying how much we contribute to the way the profession is changing - I'd go to bat every time to make sure we're SEEN and HEARD. 2021 is gonna be big for US and quite frankly not a damn thing can stop of us from pushing the change we know is needed in the built environment.

To Gisla, Kristen, Jermaine, and Byron - THANK YOU so much for being a solid foundation for pushing forward in this field. In/out of urban planning I'm hella grateful and honored to be in this space with each of you. I'm constantly motivated, inspired, and uplifted to use my voice to be present af because of y'all!!

To Jonathan (JP) - my LA homie that's the big reason for the blckscpes and Dee you see today lol. You've shown me so much damn love for the jump I had no choice but to get on my shit and be about my actions in this field. Your work, your passion, and your dedication to the streets pump my 'Mamba Mentality' more and more. Thank you for being a friend - soon as I get to LA it's an automatic connect!!

MUCH LOVE TO EVERYONE that's subscribed to the blog, bought the ebook, interacts with me on any social platform, and just shows genuine LOVE!! I'm forever grateful for that I swear I am. Rest, refresh, relax, and reload for 2021. We gotta lot of work to do and they gon' hate every minute of it 😈✊🏾🏁

"Never let a hard time humble us.." ~ Nipsey Hussle

yours truly..



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