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Introducing our new Printed Urban Planning Flashcards, perfect for all ages to learn about urban planning in an engaging and interactive way. These flashcards have been carefully curated and designed by BIPOC creators, making them not only educational but also representative of diverse perspectives in urban planning. Each set has been locally crafted, ensuring high quality and attention to detail. Whether you're a student, an urban planning enthusiast, or just curious about how cities work, these flashcards make urban planning accessible and fun for everyone. Add them to your learning toolkit today and dive into the world of urban planning!


*Includes carrying case with 33 printed flashcards.*

PRINTED Urban Planning Flashcards!

Excluding Sales Tax
Only 6 left in stock
  • Due to the way the sets are printed we will not issue any refunds unless there are cards missing from your deck. In which we will provide a new set of cards. 

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